Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Humans - The Unique Creatures on Earth

Humans are the gift of gods. The most beautiful thing made by god on earth. They were sent on earth to take care of the planet earth and build it and prosper it properly. Without humans nothing would be possible. This technology, this world to stay in, the landing on moon and many more things are achieved just because of mind and thinking of the humans. 

As there are many and many good things about human beings (us) as compared to it, there are equal bad things about us. We will discuss it in the latter half.

The sharpest of all the creatures are the human beings. The owner of the heaven (God) has given more advanced brains to us than compared to other animals living next to us. Even though we rely on animals for incase if any natural calamities occur. The god has distributed the power of intelligence to all the creatures on the earth. Like imagination, creativity has been gifted to human beings (us), sensation of smell to dogs, sharp vision to eagles and vultures and so on. This has been done so that all creatures are treated equal. If all these qualities had been given to human being than he would have ruled the world and there would be no specific or unique identity of any other creature and thus this would lead to domination and destruction or maybe one says ruling the universe.

As the finger print varies from person to person and no two individuals will have the same finger prints, the same logic applies to the human nature. No two humans (irrespective of sex) will have common nature and attitude towards the same decision making. Incase any two individuals have there are clash which takes place on the common agreement since the points kept in mind varies from time to time as a person goes deep inside the respective topic.

Human nature is one of those things that everybody talks about but no one can define precisely. 

The same philosophy can be applied in our professional life. Many of the employees take decisions on the perception they receive from their colleagues. This where they lack and their decision turn out to be incorrect or against the process which might in turn take their career to toss. 

Also the same perception is applied in the appraisal process. Superiors appraise their employees / subordinates on the perception they receive or develop either by receiving from other employees or on personal bias. So because of this perception, employees are always in loss and hence this perception of their superiors leads to high attrition. 

Our perception is the main cause for our behavior. We should change our perception and drive it in a positive manner with facts and figures and this will reflect in our behavior leading our life and other’s life in the positive way.

Also, humans play a major part in the process of communication. Whatever we say or hear is not always the fact. Facts are based on what we see or what we derive or come on conclusions. In the corporate world, due to lack of communication among the boss and the subordinates, the gap among them increases and hence the relationship always remains as a superior and subordinate. If we have to reduce this gap and be a friendly boss of our team, then we have to be open in the communication, be frank in the behavior and understand the ups and downs our team members face. By this we cannot only reduce the boss – subordinate gap but can also create a good and friendly working environment in the organization.

We humans are very dynamic and irresistible. We easily adapt to changes but at the same time fails to implement that changes in our system. Why are we so??? This is because we do not accept the facts and do implement what may be beneficial for us. We are selfish. But will our selfishness have a positive impact on others. Will it create a positive attitude of us towards others? Will it create a positive working environment both at our workplace and at our home? The answer is NO. Unless and until we do not change ourselves and change our thinking, we cannot make a good human being.

We have psychiatrists all over the world. They are called the experts towards changing the mindset of the humans. But why do they fail sometimes to change the attitude and thinking of the people. This is because how hard they try to change us; they will never succeed unless and until we do not take the initiative to adapt to the change.

In some Indian based organizations, there are employees who are working for almost two decades. These organizations also have young employees with them. When these young employees come in the organization and after evaluating the systems and process, they suggest for changes, it’s either the Management who does not accept the changes due to change in system and fear or its the employees who are working from last two decades who do not adhere or accept to the changes which are carried out. This is because of the negative approach / attitude of the old employees. This leads to the traditional working environment and hence the employees cannot change their mindset or adapt to the new changes, the organization though might grow to a large extent will not be able to actually grow because of their traditional systems. 

In today’s scenario, if an organization has to grow, it has to bring in the new systems and process by taking in confidence their employees and changing their attitude. Once the attitude of the employees is changed, the process and systems are automatically adhered and accepted in the rapid era of globalization.

If we need a change in the society, in our political system, in our working environment, in our process, in our professional career, we need to first change ourselves. If we change ourselves in terms of attitude, thinking, approach, behavior and according to the situation and time, we will never face any problems and we will be able to start acting proactively in our professional as well as in our personal lives.

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