Thursday, 14 April 2011

A True incident (One or the other person goes through this moments)

Once there was a young girl sitting near the sea-shore facing the sea. It was the evening time, the sun was going back to bed. The scenic beauty was as if the sun was showing or giving over its blessings to the world and giving a good night message and also promising to come back the other day.
The sky was red and there were many people around her many of them enjoying.
She was talking with her boyfriend (who was her going – to – be fiancée). They were talking about the beautiful moments they had spent together.
They also remembered the first time they met each other and they were sharing the incidents that happened to have taken place during their first meeting…..
They both were sitting next to each other holding hands – in – hands. The time was so romantic that no one could resist leaving their love ones at this point of time and also when these discussions were taking place……..
Also they were planning about how to go for their future life and how they have to adjust and hence were making further or future plans…….
Their love was so old that they were also talking about the delightful moments and also about their friend circle……
……When suddenly there was thundering of clouds and the sky was giving a message of the rain soon falling into earth’s arms….
With the thundering of clouds, the girl opened her eyes and when she saw the crowd there was many children playing with their families and many couples enjoying the weather…
She then turned towards her side where her fiancée was sitting and noticed that there was no one sitting next to her….
Then she realized that he was in her dreams that she was talking with her fiancée who was no more living in this world.
She started crying and then with the heavy heart she remembered that this was the first place where her fiancée took her out for their date….
She with the heavy heart and with the memories left the place but she couldn’t forget about him in her entire life……


  1. I love this ! The end got me by surprise. Barely thought this was coming ! Good one, looking forward to your next story. All the best!

  2. Hey! Thanks for a nice post, I like your story :)

  3. @Nabomita: Thnaks for your comments...will surely put my next story very soon...

  4. @Rachna: Hey....thanks for your comments and appreciation....